Learning does not end inside a classroom and it is important that children can learn knowledge away from school that can help them with their homework. Children are often bombarded with homework, assignments, essays which leaves them no time to actually study especially when it come to maths. in this article, we have a list of homework helping sites which can hep your child learn at their leisure time.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is definitely one of the best sites out there which can help your child learn and maths with the help of some engaging and colourful tools. There are class clips available which can help the child to grow and learn these mathematical concepts easily. Also, this apps help cater to the needs of English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish Countries.

Math is Fun

Math is fun is a simple site which can help you exercise some simple sums which is a useful tools which can help your child understand the various mathematical concepts. This website does not make use of videos to teach but are mainly comprehensive textbook explanations. There are some useful activities which can test your child has picked up on the material. Also, there are primary worksheets and games which can make maths fun.

Primary resources

If you are looking for a resource which can help your child with his math problems. Although the website might look basic but the free homework exercises makes it much more appealing. There are worksheets available which covers every topic in the maths for students, you can also ask them to take my math class for me. This feature can make it easier for you to download some worksheets and keep it safe in your computer for free. The resources are sorted to make math seem fun to students.

Primary Maths Arena

This site os one of the best when you want to help your child out with their homework while having a little bit of fun. Primary Maths Arena allows you to download some of the best free games for sites. The games are bright and colourful which is fast paced which can make the opportunity to play against other students. All the games offered are adventurous in nature which is the best way to sharpen your kids skills at home.


This was founded by the teachers who are affiliated to Cambridge University. This site aims at providing enriching activities which help children of any age and levels. A great online resource to help children who wish to become efficient in higher level maths skill which is accompanied with step by step explanations. Even if the child is stuck, the reviews helps the child to encourage to do better.