Medical Marijuana Treatment uses and how it works

Marijuana is plant produce and is illegal in most parts of the world. It is a plant or weed that grows in water content lacking sites. There are many varieties of Marijuana. It is used mostly as a drug for medical purposes mainly, but sometimes people tend to use it for recreational purposes. It is used in two ways, one by burning it and inhaling of the fumes, the other being a tedious process of extracting the oil from the plant, which is called cannabis oil. Many countries are in the process of legalizing Marijuana and extracting its benefits.

Pain relief

Medical Marijuana is used as a pain reliever in most cases,doctors prescribe them to the patients who are in a lot of pain. Marijuana is legal for recreational and medicinal use and has an amazing feature of destroying the pain and induces a sense of soothing sensitivity. Patients suffering from cancer and other tumour related problems are often referred to use cannabis oil in some exceptionally rare cases. The Marijuana induces some chemicals which in-turn affects the sensory nerves, thus making the pain vanish and induce a sense of calmness.

Appetite increase

Appetite loss is common in people suffering from severe incurable diseases like cancer, HIV and hepatitis. This sense of appetite loss can be reversed by using cannabis or Marijuana. Marijuana has this ingenious property of creating a sense of Hunger and dryness in the food pipe or esophagus. This feeling overturns the kids of appetite and helps the person to increase his appetite. Appetite loss can lead to immunity issues, as due to lack of food the immune system becomes weak and decreases vulnerability towards external pathogens. Most of the people who smoke Marijuana often tend to turn obese due to the same phenomenon.

Nauseated feeling

People suffering from cancer undergo a treatment known as chemotherapy. This process is painstakingly laborious and painful. Many patients succumb to the treatment. The after-effects of the treatment are very adverse and intense. It creates a sense of sudden weakness in the patients. Most of them get a sense of dehydration and a nauseating feeling. These feelings can be suppressed by using Marijuana in the form of cannabis oil. It depresses the nervous system and increases appetite, which reverses the nauseating feeling. Many people taking marijuana treatment are on the verge of recovery, due to the regain in the mental and physical state because of the increase in food intake and improvement in the immune system.

Muscle spasms

Mostly muscle spasms are the shooting pain which gets induced in one’s body due to excessive exercise and due to sclerosis. Sclerosis is something which is primarily seen in patients suffering from HIV and hepatitis. This is where the person starts to feel the spasms wherein the body’s defence mechanism becomes hyperactive and attacks its tissues.