6 Ways to Tell if You Have a Legitimate Slip and Fall Case

People are usually injured due to several accidents and it is a part of our life but sometimes you may find some options for legal recourse after an accident if it was caused by something that was not in your control. If you’re looking to claim the insurance for slip and fall in New York, you must collect as many pieces of evidence as you can because insurance companies conduct very strict research to find out that whatever you’re saying is the truth.

The accused person would definitely try his best to prove that it was your fault so, you must prepare your case properly so you can defend yourself against his claims. Here are the important things that you need to explain during a slip and fall case.

·        You must gather proof of whether the property owner or employee had enough time to solve the problem or not. This will strengthen your case because if the accident is caused due to the carelessness, of a person you’d definitely be able to win the case.

·        Another important thing that you must look for is that whether the property owner was regularly getting his property inspected or not. They must show proof of the reports that they have received from the authorized inspectors. If they failed to submit the reports, they would be considered guilty.

·        If any warning signs were not displayed on the hazardous spot, you must mention this in your claim because it will make your case strong.

Here are some other important things that you must include in your report to prove that you have a legitimate slip and fall case.

Explaining the situation

You need to explain the entire situation while going through a slip and fall case. You must have everything prepared in your mind about the elements that caused the accidents and also about the injuries that you went through during the accident.

Showing the pictures

You must capture the images of the accident spot right after the accident so that you can show them as a proof during the case. Don’t forget to take the pictures of the injuries that you have suffered from. If you failed to capture the pictures in time, you’d be at a greater risk of losing the case.

Police Report

If you have suffered from such an accident, you must immediately call the police to the accident spot so that they can come and inspect the area and prepare the report according to the situation. This report will work as a very strong reference during the case. If you did not submit the police report, you’d not be considered liable for the insurance claim and your application will be rejected instantly. So, you must come prepared for the situation. Click Here and see if you have a legitimate slip and fall case.